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Motherhood is Busy but it is Beautiful


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Our Wonder Collective

When we travel as a family we’re always on the hunt for items that fill us with a sense of wonder. Nothing else can compare with the feeling of standing at the base of a waterfall, reaching the top of a mountain, or watching a mama and her bear cubs up close. We document what places we visit and the wonders we collect in our souls along the way.


Home Education

I love schools and teachers and books.Homeschooling is something that I never saw myself doing. But there’s nothing more satisfying than running beside your child while watching them learn and grow. You can read about our journey and what we are up to in our hybrid style of learning mixing classical, charlotte mason, and unschooling together.


Apraxia, asthma, ADHD (without the H), Autism,

Sensory Processing Disorder,Auditory Processing Disorder…

these are diagnosis we’ve been given between our two children.

So much of life is about finding what works in your situation and

how to make sure your children live life to their greatest potential.


Home Making

Something is so grounding about taking care of your family. It is what we are called to do: to protect one another, to provide for our family; it’s a way to show love. I love taking the simple items of taking care of hearth and home and looking at them in a really ethereal, special way. By doing the everyday tasks with intentionality I believe is how we live our a life of gratitude.


Home Renovations

We own a Queen Anne home built in 1895, situated in a neighborhood that is on the National Register of Historic Places. We also own a lake cottage that was constructed right in the middle of the Great Depression. In our Lifestyle section is where we document all of our projects and progress.