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Gift Ideas for Homeschool Mom Appreciation Day, October 3rd

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Can you believe another year has come and gone and it is Homeschool Mom Appreciation Day again? Just kidding, I made this fake holiday up. The fake holiday is to be this Thursday, October 3rd. So be prepared. Parades will be going through towns. Mail won’t be delivered. Moms everywhere get the day off. It will be glorious. Come on, join with me so we can me this happen…

Well while it won’t I thought I would share with you some gift ideas for your registries for the big day…after all I know your family is busy stocking up on gifts galore to shower you with, right?

Here are some ideas:

Perhaps you’d like to show off your impecable grading abilities with some bling for your ride.

Can anyone else feel me with this? Or am I the only one looking around at the end of a homeschool day, wondering what in the world happened to our home…elephants? Angry gnomes?

And then there is this for all of the 999 cups of coffee you have to attempt to drink after reheating it versus that one each month that is actually warm and fresh.

But seriously, if this holiday was for real, this is what I would want:

This shirt is adorable, I love it!

And then there is this book, Teaching from Rest. You must read it yearly just to help you bring your crazy busy self back to center and to let all of the dust and chaos settle around you.

I love this French Press. I have one but took it down to the cottage to use as our coffee maker. If you’ve never tried coffee from a french press, it is a must! There is something so peaceful and calming about making it with a french press and also it tastes amazing! I love this one because it looks like it comes with a lot of accessories and it is gorgeous!