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My Top Homeschooling Picks for Amazon Prime Day!


 July 15-16, 2019

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If you follow the Super Busy at Home Facebook Page then you know that I sometimes share my favorite Amazon products. I love sharing deals on items that we use regularly in the home or for homeschooling, and Amazon deals are the best on Amazon Prime Day!

With our new school year starting in less than a month (eek!) I thought I’d take this opportunity to put our favorite go-to supplies in one post and I’d love to hear what items you love and suggest snatching on Prime Day! Make sure to leave a comment!

To explain…

What exactly is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is one of Amazon’s largest annual events during which they put thousands of items on sale or run deals for a limited time only. This sale is HUGE and has even come to rival Black Friday in the online shopping world, as Amazon has become a leading retailer.

You can view this super cute visual on how to have your best Prime Day!

Can anyone get Amazon deals on Prime Day?

The thing is, this special offering is exclusively for Prime Members. Not a member yet? It’s so so worth it, even just the free shipping is amazing! Not to mention things like the music app, the movies and tv shows, and more! So much is included with your Prime membership!

You can get a Prime Membership here and take advantage of the Prime Day deals. You can even cancel before the 30-day trial period before cancelling to avoid the $119 annual fee.

When is Amazon Prime Day?

This year (2019), Prime Day deals start on July 15th at 12 am Pacific Time and will run for 48 hours through the end of July 16th. That’s two entire days for deal shopping!


What does Prime Day mean for Homeschoolers?

Amazon Prime Day is a chance to save money on items you’ve been eye-ing but just couldn’t pull the trigger to buy. Now is your chance, folks!

But there is so much more that Amazon offers besides physical products (and books… so many books). Homeschooling can be made easier by efficient ways to get groceries delivered to your home, reading lists on your Kindle device, audio books for that child who has trouble reading, and music to soothe their quiet times at home.

Here are Our Favorite Deals for Prime Day

Here’s our list of favorite items. These are items that we have either purchased and loved because they make our life better or we are planning to purchase ourselves! If you have any questions on any of the items please don’t hesitate to ask. You know I’m here to help you mommas.

Other Amazon Products


Here’s a great deal to try Audible, a resource to get audio books and spoken word content.


Unlimited reading, unlimited listening to thousands of audiobooks, and you can read on any device! If you have a kindle or like to read on your device they have several pre-paid options that make this an amazing deal!

Prime Music

Borrow Kindle books, get free shipping, and listen to loads of songs ad free! Get a free trial when you sign up here.

So there are my recs. If you have some for me, I’d love to hear them. Please comment below so we can all share the Amazon Love!