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A Rough and Wonderful Weekend

This weekend was weird.

I spent a lot of time away from the kids and Nick. I was working at camp and was gone basically from Thursday until late Saturday night.

When I am at camp I love it and enjoy my time there, don’t get me wrong, but man I missed my family.

Not to mention that when I got home the house looked like it had exploded.

Not only was I busy and gone but the kids had lots of activities this weekend.


Emma had the opportunity to perform in the ballet La Fille Mal Garde. She had 4 performances at Notre Dame. Thankfully I was able to get home to go watch the Sunday performance.

However at the same time Calvin had an awards ceremony for his ceramics work and I missed that.

The moral of this post is, it’s hard being a working mom.


Everything is a juggle and sometimes, like this weekend, I feel that I am not so good at juggling.

But it is wonderful to know that Nick steps in to pick up the pieces when I need to be gone. And we were able to split the parenting so the kids had someone at their big moments. The house got cleaned Sunday morning (I think the Lord understands!).

Sunday evening when we all returned home we were in the mood for something different so we decided to hit the road.

We drove up into Michigan to St. Joe and had pizza at my favorite spot, Silver Beach Pizza.

We ordered my favorite, margherita pizza and the antipasto salad.


After dinner we went down to the beach to play on the playground and to watch the sunset. It was so beautiful!


It was a great end to the weekend.

It was a rough weekend.

But it was a wonderful weekend


Here’s to this week!