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Shutterfly for Valentine's

I love Valentine's Day! 

Isn't it just so fun?

It always reminds me of the giddiness I felt when I was a little girl getting valentine's in a mailbox made of a milk carton or something at school.  Conversation hearts, glitter, lace hearts, I love it all. 

We don't do a ton for Valentine's but we get each other something small every year.  A lot of times Nick and I will go away for the weekend.  This year we are going away for the week after Valentine's to Wisconsin.  Nothing says love like the Cheese state, right?  Actually Nick has a work thing up there that week so it just made sense that if I went we could hang out at night.  And during the day we are staying in a hotel that's one of our fave's so I'm envisioning lots of bubble baths, reality tv show watching, and shopping at the nearby stores. 

Anyway, the week before Valentine's we send Valentine's packs to family members. This year I ordered Valentine's from Shutterfly.  They are so cute and I can't wait to mail them out! My grandfather passed away a number of years ago and his funeral was on Valentine's Day so I always make sure we send my Grandma something special for that day.  I think these will brighten her day!

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Isn't this the most adorable card?  It could be because of our cuties :)  I sat the kids down and took these pictures before dinner a couple of nights ago, downloaded them, and found this cute card.  I love it! If you see from the card and the whole blog of mine, pink and blue are a color combo I love!  I gravitate towards it!  So these were perfect!

Anyway, since Nick and I are going away for Valentine's we won't really get anything from one another but I did want to get him something.  He's in his busy season with work so I decided to go ahead and get him something he could take with him on all of his business trips.

Sweet Valentines Gifts from Shutterfly.  Super Busy at Home.

I made him this super cute luggage tag with an A.A. Milne quote on the back.  He always gets so lonely when he's away from us so I thought a little reminder from us of how much we love him would be nice. 

Check out Shutterfly for fun gifts for Valentines.  They have a really fast turn around and have so many cute layouts and backgrounds.  They have a deal going on now that home décor and gifts are 40% off, hard cover books are 50% off, and everything else is 30% off. 

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