Treasure Hunting with Kinetic Sand

Kinetic Sand Fun.  Super Busy at Home.  #autism #homeschool #kidsactivities

For Easter we gave the kids Kinetic Sand in their baskets.  

Oh, excuse me.  The Easter Bunny gave the kids Kinetic Sand in their baskets.  

I have multiple personalities or something as  I keep referring to myself as The Easter Bunny for no apparent reason...silly me. 

Anywho, have you played with this stuff?  It's so cool! It's squeezable sand you can't put down... It's fun for kids and it is a wonderful quiet time activity when the world gets too loud for our Cal.  It would be great for old people too.  So if you know of any old people you should buy them this stuff too.  Just sayin'. 

Kinetic Sand Fun.  Super Busy at Home.  #autism #homeschool #kidsactivities

The kids got out the playdough tools that they have not played with in FOREVER! and had fun mooshing it and trying to create things.  

The thing that made our Kinetic sand awesome is that it is normally $12.99!!!!  for a container of it and I scored it at Target for $6.48!  Unless you are my sister in law reading this who's daughter also received Kinetic Sand in her basket and then I totally paid retail. Only the best.  Full on retail all the way :)  

I'm not one who buys things because they're a steal, am I? 

I can't even say that last sentence without bursting out laughing at the sarcasm...of course I am!  There needs to be a saying like short-hair-don't-care except for about bargain people not caring if others know they scored a deal...if you think of that you just let me know.  

After all, when you spend so much time asking for God's favor and doing the hallelujah, Jesus provides dance in the aisles of Target, you have to own up to the deals He has blessed you with, right? 

Kinetic Sand Fun.  Super Busy at Home.  #autism #homeschool #kidsactivities

Anyway, so excuse my tangent but the bottom line is that I don't think we would have splurged on the sand if it hadn't been for the clearance so be sure to check it out at your Target too!  

I had to show this photo and as you can see above there are crutches photo bombing in the background.  Emma came home from ballet saying she hurt her leg so she immediately came home and got my full size adult crutches out from when I broke my ankle.  

Totally not a drama girl. 


Kinetic Sand Fun.  Super Busy at Home.  #autism #homeschool #kidsactivities

The Kinetic Sand is moist and you have to keep it in a sealed container.  I recommend the plastic tubs that wonton soup comes in from a Chinese restaurant.  So, if you don't have any you can have an excuse to order some chinese food to get the containers.  

Or ziploc should work if you want to be lame and not order the food of the Chinese :)

I figured this would be one of yet again, many toys that gets played with once and then completely forgotten but they have played with it multiple times this week and are loving all of the things they can do with it!  Including one of their fave things: 

Kinetic Sand Fun.  Super Busy at Home.  #autism #homeschool #kidsactivities

Treasure Hunt!  I hid 10 of these beads in each of their kinetic sands (they each have a different color so we're keeping them separated) and then they have fun digging them out like Archaeologists.  :) 

So whether you find the sand on sale or not I think the Kinetic Sand is definitely worth the money...we're loving it!  

Do you have Kinetic Sand for your littles?  I'd love to know your uses for away with any ideas you may have, thanks!