Enjoying the Christmas Memories!


Christmas morning we awoke to found that Santa Claus had visited our house!  How exciting is that?  And I love our Cookies for Santa plate.  It was a gift from my Mother-In-Law and I just adore it.  

Every year I have this huge fear that there won't be enough presents.  Crickets will be chirping as we look at the tree.  I know it is dumb and petty but it is just some weird, irrational fear I have.   As you can see, we've never had that problem.  And there could be two presents under the tree and it will work out.  

I love looking at the tree.  It makes me feel so blessed.  The gifts that God has blessed us with, the ornaments that all mean unique things to us, the gumdrop garland Wit and I fashioned for our first Christmas and have used ever since.  I just love it all!  So exciting and such a joyous occasion! God's love pouring out with a sweet baby and through our tree.  

Our Christmas morning was full of lots of fun!  The kids loved their gifts, Nick got some nice Ralph Lauren glasses for the bar area, and we had lots of giggles and memories.  After we open gifts we are blessed that my family comes to our house to open gifts with them.  Then we have breakfast and just relax.  This year my Aunt Jan and Uncle Bill were in town from Maryland so we were so blessed to have them join us for breakfast as well.  All in all it was a wonderful Christmas.  

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well.  As the piles of things to put away are starting to loom over us I thought I would take some time to write this and soak in the memories rather than look at it as a burden that now needs taken care of.  

Besides, now it's onto New Year's Eve and that will be loads of more fun!