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Winter Break is Through...

 Well hello y'all!  Hope you all have had a pleasant Christmas break!  We had a nice recess of three weeks and starting tomorrow we are back in the thick of things!  Well, some of us are!  With the snowstorm we have received Nicholas received work that his office is closed tomorrow!  Woohoo for having Daddy home, even if he does have to work from here.  But we are thankful to have him to ourselves for one more day!
 We did some sledding during break.  We are so blessed by our neighborhood. The charm, the neighbors, the parties, but also a sledding hill right in our neighborhood!  How lucky!

 We've also been guzzling chocolate.  Not really, but seriously, how silly is this girl?  She cracks me up with her randomness of grabbing a bottle of syrup and fake drinking it that I just had to click away.
 I love this evergreen outside of my kitchen window and the beauty it evokes when it is snow-capped.  This was this morning so we only had about 6 inches.  Now we have about 16 inches...yikes!
And here is our classroom, all ready for us to start back up.  Well, everything's ready except for the "January" header for our calendar is missing.  You haven't seen it, have you?  Anywhere?  No?  Darn.  I am so glad I pushed myself to get some lesson plans done and cleaning underway before Christmas so our classroom would be all ready and waiting.  Tonight I came up here to finish things up, found there's not really anything to do and was able to jot down this lovely, albeit boring, blog post.

Well that is all that we have been up to here. I hope you are warm and snuggly wherever you are tonight and all is well in your home and heart.

Happy Mondays tomorrow, to all! xo
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