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I Called a Break!

This morning has not been easy for us.

In fact, it's been down right rough.

Except for the fact that I did find that I managed to not yell and scream and rant and rave on and on.  Well, at least not very much.

Instead I sent them to their rooms to rest for a bit.

If I'm honest with myself and with the littles, the truth is that it's not just them, it's me too.

Last week I worked out (which I'll proudly tell you I do every week) but this time I did some zumba.  With weights which was the new part for me.  It was hard but the hard part was that when I awoke the next morning I could barely move.  I think I had done something to my back.  Well, I know I did something to my back, what it was that I did remains a mystery.  Anyway, what basically laid me on the couch all last week also affected our house and the chores and everything else.

And so while I awoke with a great feeling back this morning I also came downstairs to what looked like some type of extreme cleaning reality tv. challenge.

And so it was with this knowledge of me sifting through everything and coming to the bottom of what was bothering me that I knew what I had to do.  After several pep talks with myself on how homeschooling isn't always about what's in the books I paused school to have a talk with the kids.  And to explain that we are now going to clean everything...together.

At least that was the plan.  But seriously, what kid wants to clean the entire day?  So I sent the kiddos outside to play in the snow while I had a mad dash around the house, tidying things up.

After lunch it was a lot better.  I think sometimes you have to relax the rules in homeschooling to get through the day.  School at home doesn't have to be like school in the classroom.  The kids learn and thrive outside and getting to be able to move about and not be strapped to their desk all day with their Mommy School Marm hovering over them.

Plus, there's always tomorrow, Lord willing :)

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