The most confusing Doctor's Appointment Ever!

Sorry about the blur in this photo...I just love it and it speaks to me for some reason
Today we are leaving the house.  We have a doctor's appointment.  Well, Cal does.  With his developmental pediatrician.  The neat thing about his doctor is that she did her internship with the doctor I had when I was a little girl, so we go way back.

Tomorrow I will leave the house with a little boy with Autism.  He has either PDD-NOS or Aspergers.  I may not return with an Autistic child though.  Because of a DSM-5 change to Autism spectrum conditions, he may no longer be considered Autistic.  

The confusing part comes in that, how amazing would it be that suddenly your son is no longer Autistic?  Same problems though, so with no Autistic diagnosis that means we can't qualify for the Autism school we are on the waiting list for. 

This is a weird feeling.  This feeling of not really knowing how I want him to be diagnosed.  And I know that a diagnosis doesn't really matter...Calvin is Calvin is Calvin.  

Now onto that appointment :)