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Nine Days into December...

Here we are nine days into our "super spectacular Christmas makeover"  and so things are going well!   I must say, the 5 gifts a day thing (which means I'm wrapping 5 gifts a day...I wish I could have 5 gifts a day.  Why isn't that happening?) is going well.  Day 2, I was a gift short having only wrapped 4 so I got to wrap an extra gift the next day, which really was, no big deal.  The thing I like about wrapping 5 presents a day is that the wrapping paper situation is under control.  I mean, seriously.  I have all of my wrapping paper grouped together and when I go to wrap them I only have to grab one roll.  I have also finished off about 3 rolls of wrapping paper which is super helpful.  Usually I am rolling around in all of the wrapping paper rolls and in the process I am losing my tape and scissors and everything else.  Which by the way it is super frustrating, so this way it saves me a lot of headaches.

I also must reiterate how fantastic it is to be semi-organized this time of year because as I can attest to, things come up and when it does it is so nice to have a clear schedule.  Secret:  we are getting the kids Nook tablets for Christmas.  The Nook HD plus to be clear :)  Which this week and next week somehow turned into the "hot item" of Christmas shopping and also was the one thing we had not bought.  So we've been looking everywhere.  Nick was able to find some and buy them from a Target 2 counties and an hour and a half each way away.  Oh joy!  It really wasn't that bad and the kids had fun and I had fun...until Emma puked in the car.  Twice.  See?  I probably would have blown my lid if I was stressed with being behind and needing to shop and clean and everything else that would be over my head.  But since I am keeping everything in check and taking small bites out of my to-do's I am less stressed and able to at a moment's notice go out and help out with the finishing up!  See people?  Being organized works, I tell ya :)

I hope you all are having a great Christmas season.  I feel so blessed to have a warm home, a huge tree, and a happy family to enjoy it all with!  Jesus is the true meaning of our season :)

Cheers!  :)