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Good Bye 2013 and Good Bye Debt!

Hello there!  Happy day after Christmas!  Or Boxing Day if you are reading this from Great Britain or Canada...does oh Cananda!  pop into anyone else's head when they type Canada?  No? Just me?  Well then, moving on...

I hope you had the most fantabulous Christmas ever!  The kind of Christmas where you feel joy and know how much God loves you by people around your table.  We spent Christmas running around or dragged around and I had the flu so it was fun.  ahem.  

But we felt love, we know we serve a great God and we got so many great gifts!  It was amazing! All kinds of cash and fabulous prizes!!!

We were talking and at first we were going to pool our cash (Nick and I's not the kids) to get a new faucet for the bathroom where we are trying to put a farm sink we've had for eva!

But today we were talking and since we don't have enough cash to get the whole things we'd have to spend more (cause faucets don't come in pieces, y'all).  And truth be told we've been throwing around the whole Dave Ramsey get out of debt concept for a while.  But we just haven't been very active with it.  So after a quickie conference in the kitchen (don't you just love those?) we decided to start our debt-paying snowball with that money.  We also have money in our checking that we were planning on using to pay things down so we'll use that too.  After that on a month to month basis I have no idea what we will do to pay down what we owe.  We don't have huge amounts but enough it would be nice to get it paid and just be done, you know?

I am excited to be doing this and hopefully by writing about it it will keep us a little more nose-to-the-grindstone with this.  Our hope is to stick at this really hard for 2014 and basically be done by the end of the year.  Yeehaw!

I am not sure how gung ho we are getting.  I don't know that we are cancelling cable as we are stuck in a contract, and we are in no means getting rid of our car to get a klunker.  But I do know we are planning on cutting out eating out, extra spending to try to free up some more cash to pay things down!

Can't wait!
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