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Christmas Update

 Hello my loves!  I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgivting celebration!  Ours was fantastic...we laughed and ate lots at the Thanksgiving at my Grandma's house and then we loaded up and traveled to Illinois for another Thanksgiving, this one on Nick's side, where I was able to catch up with one of my very best friends, Lisa.!!!

Black Friday we always go and find a Christmas tree to chop down.  Here we are with our tree.  I feel like I look huge in this picture but it could be because I remember wearing 3 shirts and a feather vest under my coat.  Yoink.  Look at poor Emma, she can't even put her arms down, ha! Oh well, at least we were warm.

When we got home we went to town decorating the tree.  We got everything on it and looking swell before we crashed into bed!  Saturday we went shopping on our monthly grocery extravaganza and then Sunday we stayed home from church (Cal and I were under the weather) and so we decorated, decorated, decorated.  As I write this it is Sunday afternoon...Nick is watching 'Da Bears and I am typing away during a much needed Pinterest Break :)  Hopefully tomorrow I will be at the place where I can write a post showing you everything I've decorated to my little hearts content...we will see though :)

I thought though that I would give a little update on my previous post about Christmas helps and let you know how I am doing.

*Christmas cards: they all successfully made it into the post office box Wednesday afternoon.  It was a janky looking post office box with all of the stickers and seals peeled off of it so I was a little skeptical as to if it was even in service!  But I heard from a friend that she got our card and so I knew all was well :)  Towards the end of Tuesday I was still addressing them when I hit somewhat of a wall but I just kept going.  I was thinking of how nice it would be to have them all done.  I do have a couple more to do but they are ones where I have to wait to send them due to people moving or I am waiting to hear back for new addresses.

As much of a burden it can be, don't you just love sending out Christmas cards?  There's something so wonderful about it, families growing, moving, changing.  Sending cards to Hawaii, Arizona, Florida, Maryland.  All over and it is so nice to think that Christmas brings us all together in that way :)

*Decorating: It is going pretty well.  I took out the board books and things I really didn't want them playing with and so there was no struggle when I opened the bins.  I am struggling as the weekend ends to get everything decorated.  I know if I don't finish before the week starts then everything will just sit in bins while our weekly busyness just swirls around.

*Making/Taking Food: On Saturday when we went to do our monthly shopping, I looked at everything thinking "cookie day, Christmas meal, ugly sweater party"  If I thought something would be good for one of those events, I scooped it up with the thought that it will just be less I have to go out for later on in the month.  You know, when it's all harry-scary out there with the crowds and the ice and the stress.  Yikes.

So there are my updates.  Hope you all are having a relaxing and productive weekend around your neck of the woods.  I know here I have digested WAY too much green bean casserole and cherry pie.  But oh well, it's the holiday weekend.  Tomorrow it's back to normal around here!

Much love to you and yours!  :)

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