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The Babies Aren't Babies Anymore :(

I know all mother's go through this so I'm just going to say it...I hate these babies growing up!  It's hard and sad and heart-breaking all at the same time it's exciting and fulfilling and heart-warming.  

 These babies of ours are 5 and 7!  5 and 7!!!  I just can't believe it.  I look back at these pictures and am so saddened by how quickly the time has fled.  Where did my babies go?  When did they stop being babies?
 And this teeny little guy...well, he's going to be 6 in January!  Six!!!!  Where did the time go?  This is truly startling.  We will never again have a four year old, or a new little baby in the house.
I miss the chubby cheeks.  The soft little curls they both had.  I miss their new smells.  
And as hard as it is, I'm so thankful for silly pictures.  Because I can remember the silly smiles and giggles that came along with the pictures, the softness of their skin, their cuddliness.  It's amazing to me what pictures bring back to the mind.  It's all in there somewhere just not in the forefront of my memory.

Now, off to stop these little ones from getting any bigger! :)
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