Thank you Allison!!! :)

I just wanted to say a huge, HUGE, HUGE thanks to our friend Allison who left a super sweet comment on my facebook page after reading this blog.  Truth be told I have been filled with so much self-doubt lately.  Darn you Satan, darn you!!! :p

I used to write a blog for our area's newspaper and struggled with this problem then as well. The problem of: who in the world even cares what I have to say?  I never want what we are doing around the house to be a self-righteousy and I'm so sorry if they come across that way.  I struggle with blogging because on one hand I really want to get everything down so I can look back and remember it.  So our kiddos have it to look back on some day.  I want to be a voice, an advocate, of Cal's struggle with Autism and Apraxia and if I can help one mom feel like she's no alone then the whole mess will be worth it. I want to help other Mama's trying to homeschool their littles to get ideas or to think, wow, my house is so clean compared to hers! But I never want to come across as "look at me, look at this cool thing I made, I'm so much a better Mother than you could ever hope to be".  It's a delicate balance that's required in the mental state to blog apparently.  Writing all of these reasons out helps me to remember why I'm doing this at all. 

There are blogs I read, one particular is coming to mind, where the mom has their kids volunteer their time for something, then proceeds to follow them around, taking pictures and blogging about it.  In my mind helping others should be a selfless act, not a self promoting thing.  Am I the only one who feels that way???  It's things like that that I don't want to do.  I also never want to share too much of my children's lives; to make them end up feeling like they are living in a fish bowl. 

All that being said though, I am going to take up blogging again.  At times it is hard because hardly any of you stinkers comment but I know you read. :)  There are always people telling me they are "blog stalking" me which I think is cute.  Well, cute unless you're creepy.  Then that makes it...creepy. 

So thanks again Allison for seeing through the clutter and dust to view our children's rooms as colorful and full of life  :)  Seriously you made my day, week, life.  :)
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