Hello my loves!

Hello everyone!  Sorry I've been gone from the blog for so long but we have been busy, busy, busy!  
 As you can see we've been being super cute!  Emma got a part in the Nutcracker here in town and is a snowflake. She is so excited!!!  And we are so busy running her to practices!
 The kids met Pete the Cat who has a book series in case you are wondering where he's from (like I was)
 We got a Spiderman...
 And a Hello Kitty...
 Some found a love for defense...
 While others discovered maybe they don't like soccer so much..
 We toured a fire house
 Practiced jumping out of burning buildings
 We picked pumpkins
 We cleaned out the sandbox...
 And now we play in it every day!!!
And last but not least we built a lego city...in our pjs.

So on top of school we've managed to stay pretty busy!  Cal has started Taw Kwon Do and Nick has started his new position...finally!!!!  It is so nice to have him home by 4:30 every day but boy that sure does make our days fly even faster than before!  Hope you all are well!!!  I'll write soon :)