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In taking the kids to explore Michigan we, of course, had to stop in Detroit and show them what it was all about.  D-town is kind of a sad place.  You try to be hopeful.. Some of the graffiti kind of amazed me.  

 But there is a lot there still...
 Lots of buildings
 And Beauty
 And Architectural details
 And history
 And intricacies...
 And neat ideas (this was an urban garden we parked by...isn't it beautiful?)
 We ate dinner at American Coney Island which was voted #1 for something by the Food Network.  So we went.  Still trying to figure out what was #1.  The hotdogs were made just for them and were pretty tasty :)
 After dinner we drove by the famous Fox Theater.
 And then had to stop by one of my favorite places of all time, the Astoria Pastry Shop.  When Nick worked in his government job he had a conference in Detroit.  Something about parks and your people or something, I'm sure.  Anyway, the kids were very small but my mother-in-law graciously watched the kids and I rode a train to Detroit to join Nick.  Anyway, we were able to kick around downtown for a few days and it was a lot of fun.  We stumbled upon this bakery during that trip and I've been hooked ever since.
 These are my absolutely favorite things in the world!  Chocolate dipped Biscotti.  They are GINORMOUS! And so delicious, I can't even tell you.
Anyway, Nick got this amazing Pecan Pie roll thing there and I got a chocolate dipped meringue.  Ours were wrapped in this cute box...isn't it adorable?  Old world charm.  The kiddos didn't have their's wrapped as they devoured them in the store.  :)

Detroit is such a neat place with such history.  I loved showing kids this city and hope you'll check it out too :)