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Our 10th anniversary Vacation

Last week we loaded up the family truckster...I must say this is our favorite car ever!

This past weekend we left for our Anniversary Trip.  Here we are being cheesy taking selfies in the car.  :)  This is from my phone which is so big that the two of us had to hold it.  My friends who tease me about it are laughing now, I know :)  It was so good to get away and not worry about things for a while.  We left Thursday morning and returned Sunday evening.

It was so much fun!  We took a roaming tour of Southern Indiana...staying different places, trying restaurants we had heard  about, hunting down old shops...a blast.

This is our kind of sign :)
Nick smoking a cigar on mother is tssskkking right now

While on vacation we drove which was so wonderful.  One of my favorite things is to drive down long, windy country roads.  Nick being the ole' architect and me being a history buff, we meet in the middle with historic architecture :)  

Of course I'm a sucker for an old church in the middle of nowhere with a blue sky above and behind...priceless.  

And a really, really old church.  Anything more perfect than that?  

When I was a little girl I remember my Grandpa dragging me to railroad museums and maybe it's because of that but there is just something I love about an old train.  

But we are home now and amidst the clutter and the to-do's it's so easy to feel the stress come rushing in.  Nick took me aside last night from the packing and unpacking (did I mention our family vacation is next weekend???) and encouraged me to let this be a new beginning for me.  To not let the stress and harriedness of life get to me but to keep the fun, free spirit of vacation.  Challenge accepted!

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