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10-year Anniversary!

 10 years ago we stood on a grassy shoreline shadowed by Diamond Head and said simple words with eternal meaning...
 10 years ago I had the privilege and honor of marrying this man (swoon!)
 10 years ago I was a young 21 year old woman with no clue on how to be a wife, but Nick loved me anyway :)
 Fastforward 10 years to this...our family.  Our mission in life that God has given us.  We feel so blessed by God for this life He has given us.  A life that 10 years ago would have taken my breath away and still all is just better than I could have possibly imagined.
And 10 years later we have this kind of love.  We fight and make up every day.  We joke, we stay tease.  We tickle, we poke.  And last night after 10 years of marriage we still stayed up all night talking.  About everything.  About nothing.

Still so in love.  In love more than I ever could have dreamed.  Thank you so much Nicholas for making me your wife.  For leading our family in your calm and gently manner that is so characteristic of you.  You are the man God made for me and I love reminiscing on my favorite quote ever that you said: "You can''t thank me for being with you.  I didn't choose to be with you.  I'm stuck with you.  And you with me.  God made us for one another and that's that."

I'll be stuck with you anyday, Wit!  Till death and then beyond!  :)  Love you!