DIY Sidewalk Paint

Last week we took the kiddos to see Monsters University.  It was so cute!  And because I am such a dork we went all out...including the fact that I bought them matching shirts to wear to the movie :)  How cute, right?
But as we are doing year round homeschooling, which should have been going on, we got a little off schedule with all of the noshing on popcorn, guzzling down sodas, and laughing at monsters.  

We tried to do school later on but it was pretty disasterous.  A monsterous disaster :)

So I sent the kids to their rooms to do their reading.  And while they were reading I went ahead and made a little thing called Sidewalk Paint.  

Here's what I did:  
1 cup water 
1 cup cornstarch
Various food colorings

I then divided the liquid into 6 styrofoam cups and added the coloring.  We used thicker paintbrushes but you could always use sponges or Popsicle sticks or lots of things I guess!
 The kids seemed to really like this idea.  As you can see they spent a lot of time using it as "fence paint" too!  Whatever works for these sweeties is fine by me :)

I read a lot of posts about not using food coloring because it stains but I can attest by my daughter coming in to tell me that Cal was mixing the colors and dumping  it on himself that it really didn't stain.

Hope you have fun with your paints too :)  It was a quick fun project to break up the boring day of when we should have been doing school :)

By the way this is our son trying to foot print paint on the fence...what ideas he comes up with :)