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The Way I Changed This Week...

Take yourself back to a far away land where it is Sunday.  Last Sunday to be exact.  Oh yes, what a nice carpet ride that was, yes?

Well Sunday night I came home from celebrating my Sister's graduation and may as well have been smacked in the face with the planner you see above.

Pretty, right?  Ha...pretty blank!  

Sunday night at about 9:30 and no lesson plans in sight.

Crickets chirping folks!

So I did what any respectable citizen would do...

 I grabbed a hair tie...
 Put my hair up, kissed the hubs good-night..
And said how do you do? to my old friend, iced coffee.

By the way, I may or may not sing Vanilla Ice's song while preparing:
Iced, Iced Coffee
Too cold, too cold...

It's crap like this that makes you click the x, I know.  Anyway....

So it was about 10:00 and I just hit it.  Hard.  Third floor party me and the coffee and my pony.  Well, my ponytail :)

The good news is that I got the week's lessons prepared, straightened up the attic and the craft room and the school rooms...which are all located on the same floor but I have them seperated as much as possible.

I was determined to get this week started off on the right foot because the sad truth is that the last two weeks I really have gone ahead and started the week off with a completely blank lesson plan.

Not good bro.

I must say, taking the time to just get everything laid out and done feels so good in the long run; throughout the week I have the plans to refer to and to know what else we have to accomplish for the day, which I love!

I know most of us are winding down for the school year and I know for me personally that means I am getting super lax with school.  I hope this encourages you as a homeschool Momma to take some time to get everything in order at the beginning of your week to make sure you are ready to go no matter what the week throws at you.

And now I must get going...we are having our annual health screening for the insurance company at Nick's work...a lot of poking and prodding under the watchful eye of the hubs' co-workers.   How fun!