Museum Time

As we speak (type, well me, not you, lol) Nick is making dinner and the children are upstairs playing quietly.

Something is going on around here.  Weird, wild stuff I tell ya!

So I thought I would take the time to write in the quiet moments about the craziness in our lives.  Which in and of itself is just called, the everyday.

 This week was our first week back into school after a week break.  I think we did pretty good.  Two weeks ago we snagged a two-kid sized tent at a garage sale for $5.  This thing has been in the blue room for play, outside for dreaming, and in Cal's room for a reading den.  Emma read to Calvin Monday afternoon after school..
 The kids playing outside on Monday consisted of them finding their lawn chairs and pretend fishing with sticks.  So cute!
 Tuesday we went with Emma's Girl Scout troop to the Indianapolis Children's museum.  It was so much fun.  All of the girls in the troop are homeschooled so we all are around during the year.  So families were invited to tag along.
 It was also a really nice fieldtrip for school as there were lots of exhibits about school topics.  Here's Cal putting together an ancient statue.
 Here are Girl Scouts digging for artifacts.
 Scuba Steve with his dive pack on.  We were learning about shipwrecks :)
 This time at the museum the children weren't scared of the dino exhibit, thank goodness!
 I love their different expressions with the t-rex.  Cal growling, Emma smiling sweetly.  Totally their personalities.
 Our little dino moving Eggs out of his nest
 And out little artist sketching a  fossil
 Cal loved this!!!  He would have spent all day with this thing if he could have!
Cal and his girl scout friend Kat and Nick using the pulleys for moving water.

At the very end of our day we all went into the Planetarium for a star show which is exactly what we are studying in Science right now. So happy with that as it got the kids really excited about space and star gazing!

After the museum we went to Trader Joe's and then went to two educational stores, Lakeshore Learning and United Art and Education. I got a lot of the supplies I need for next year so that helped me feel prepared for getting underway in September.  It's going to be here before we know it!