I'm a Lucky Girl

My Grandmother called today.  She had had her under cabinet light fall and this past weekend Nick went over to fix it for her.  Emma had been a little under the weather so us girls had stayed home.  So my Grandma called to tell me how it went.  She gushed on and on about him.

I guess he had ended up having to put the light in from inside the cabinet rather than below it.  She said he took everything out of her cupboard so nicely.  He then had to take her shelf paper off.  The thing she was raving about was that when he was done he asked her for more shelf paper and then he proceeded to cut it and stick it in.  I think she was amazed.  And it's a pretty darn good feeling when your Grandma calls to tell you how lucky you are to have your husband.

I agree...I'm one lucky girl.

This year has been kind of tricky for us.  It kind of feels like it just hasn't stuck right or something.  Nick received a new job/promotion in November but we are still in a kind of limbo waiting for the transfer to take place.  We bought a new car and are still trying to sell our old one.  We are ending Cal's therapies and starting new ones.  I guess all in all it seems like we are juggling and have a lot of things up in the air right now.

And yet this man has been my rock this year.  He holds me together when I go crazy with the unknown.  He assures me and reassures me.  He's my glue in this crazy messed up world.

In the above picture Nick is helping Cal with legos.  The back story of this picture is that this is Easter day and this was a set Cal had received from my mom and dad, his Gigi and Papa.  Everyone else was in the living room talking and Cal was alone putting together the set.  Nick's the one who steals away from crowds to have guy time with his bud.  He knows he needs to be away from the crowd but doesn't like him being alone. I love that about him.

And so yes, I am one lucky girl.  It makes me feel even luckier when my Grandma and lego session's remind me of that. :)

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