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Graudation, break, and breakdown, oh my!

You will all have to forgive me for ducking out of the blogging world this past week.  I've been a busy Mama!

This year we are doing school year round which sounded like the best idea summer brain drain to contend with and taking longer breaks throughout the year.  What's not to love?  But now that all of our homeschooling friends (and non homeschooling friends!) are breaking for the summer we are having a hard time staying on task and I find myself wondering why on earth I thought this was a good idea!

So this past week I was just done. So I declared a week's vacation o the children could run and play and just have fun, and so I could get things in order, reorganize, re prioritize and get things planned for the last leg of this year's homeschooling journey.

In other fun news, our little guy graduated from Preschool this week!  So proud of him and all that he has accomplished in the past two years.  Nick and I were reminiscing that when we sent him to Preschool he had JUST started talking.  And now here we are.  It's just amazing how far he's come.  He had amazing teachers who have been in our lives for the past four years, first as Emma's teachers and then as Cal's.  I had a really hard time this week just trying to wrap my head around the fact that we no longer have "preschool" aged kids in the house.  They are growing so quickly which is just so sad sometimes.  

But in other news we are officially homeschooling Cal...I keep telling Nick I'm going to need a box of wine on hand at all times to get me through this, lol!  I joke but really I am quite nervous about this venture.  Hoping I haven't bit off more than I can chew with this decision!

Cal is reading and seems pretty ready.  In our state Kindergarten is just basically getting them reading and knowing everything there is to do.  Plus he keeps asking me to study things that our First Grade Curriculum studies...things like animals, and Egypt.  I am so excited for his desire to learn and study things!

So here's our plan... I am starting homeschooling back up next week and this time around I will have a Kindergartner joining our class!  I plan on having him in Kindergarten while Emma finishes up the second grade and then hopefully when we start back up in the fall Cal will be ready for first and Emma will be in third both kiddos will be a year ahead.  That's my goal right now.  If it doesn't happen it doesn't happen but that is what we are shooting for.

In other news, after 6 long and harrowing months of dealing with my sewing machine, it has finally been fixed!!  I am so happy and Emma is over the moon thrilled! I think we are going to try to tackle a dress for her baby grace today.

Hopefully  when we get back into the swing of things next week I will have a little more time to blog (that sure does sound backwards, doesn't it?) hope you all are doing well out there!
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