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Everyday You Astound Me...

The title is what I found myself telling Calvin on vacation.

I told him this while he smashed on my laptop keyboard.

I told him this late at night.  After just brushing his teeth and then proceeding to shove a piece of cake in his mouth. And for the record this happened in our hotel room while on vacation celebrating Emma's birthday...we don't usually make it a habit to have cake hanging out around our bedrooms :)

Anyway, after eating the cake I said " you goof!  You just brushed your teeth and then you ate cake.  You are going to have to brush your teeth again!!!"

And what do you think his response was?  "Um, maybe we could just keep this a secret?"  What a little stinker.  Every day he astounds me.

A lot of the time it is a matter of astounding me because I didn't think he could misbehave anymore but here he is surprising me.  But usually it is a matter of astounding me because he has proven to be smarter or kinder or more loving than I ever thought possible before.

Those are the moments that astound me.  That let me know that God didn't mess up when making me this kid's Mama.  That we are going to be a-okay.

On vacation this boy of mine picked me flowers.  Beautiful sunny dandelions.  He was so proud.  And I was too.

Everyday sweet boy, you astound me...