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Flu...Day 3

Every year at Nick's job he has a time in April where he works about 18 days straight.  It's horrid every year on him, on the kids, on the family, but then it's over and we're fine.

Well, this year it is going on now. We are about half way through it now.  We have one week left actually.

Last week Nick got sick.  Sick, sick.  As in, he left work to go to Urgent Care...on his own.  No harping from me needed.

At first it was just him...until last Friday.  When Emma slept in until 10 am and then woke with a high fever.

We've pretty much been down hill since then.

Saturday Cal and I woke up sick too and since then, well, here it is Monday morning and we are all still sick.  

Anyway, I've been too sick to do anything let alone blog and before that I was cleaning up after other people who were sick.  I'll get back to it when I can.  Right now we are in survival mode here with tissues, medicine, and plenty of ice water.

Pray for us :)
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