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And When That Doesn't Work...Bribe Them :)

Last year we started in a horrible pattern.  Every day Emma would wake up and in this whiny voice would say "but I don't want to do school today!" 

Ugh.  It was kind of horrid.  Not even kind of horrid.  It was REALLY horrid.  

It made me loathe school and sad to say, kind of loathe having to wake Emma up every day. 

So this year when we started school I figured there just had to be a better way.  There's just gotta be.  

So I went with the method of bribery.  Yep...good ol' bribery.  

Bribery in the form of incentive charts.  Incentivizing, bribing...whatever you called it, it worked for us.  

I used these charts because they matched the rest of the owl stuff I bought for our classroom.  You put a sticker on each dot and when the owl gets to the moon (or what I think is the moon) you get an incentive.    

We have used these primarily for attitudes before and during school.  If Emma (and Cal has one too) has a good day with her attitude towards school...does everything without complaining or whining, then she gets a sticker.  

She's filled two sheets so far.  Her first one got her a jibbitz for her Crocs.  

This one she chose to go to Sweet Frog's Frozen Yogurt Shop.  
 I'm sorry, I know I'm biased here, but isn't she just the cutest little girl ever?  Like ever, ever?
 Here they are, so excited!!!!
 Emma went with watermelon fro yo with all kinds of skittles and candy.  Cal went with a couple different flavors with all kinds of candy!
So yummy!

This year the incentive charts have really worked out for us.  The kids love having something to work towards. Most days her change of heart and the habit part of being good has been what has worked but when we are having a bad day, having a reminder of why we have a good attitude and working towards something has been a really good thing for us to have.

What are some of your tactics to get your kiddos to behave?  Have you ever used bribery??  Do you now think I am a horrid mother?  :)