Where We Are Right Now..

Ugh, this week has already gotten me up on the wrong side of the bed several times and it hasn't even started yet!

Ever have one of those?

Nick got a new job.

Well he actually got it a time ago.  Long story.  Anywho right now he is still working his old job and on his off days he is working his new job to start learning and training and trying to pick up the pieces of things that haven't been done for a while.

Oh boy.  He doesn't have to go in on every one of his off days but if you know my husband you know he is about the ethical man and tries to do the right thing in everything.

Which translates to...he works a lot when he can to support his family.  Which all of us back at home sure do appreciate but we also miss him like crazy and it makes us want to cry.

So far he's worked an entire week...weekend and all.  It doesn't sound like much, I know, except these children miss their Daddy something fierce.

My poor babies.  It's hard to face all of the questions...

Does Daddy have to work tomorrow?  
I miss Daddy!  

The absolute worst is when they forget he's at work and come down the stairs in the morning expecting to see him...
Where's Daddy? 
When I have to tell them he's gone it just about kills me.

And this week they've been pretty good.  They don't do it if he's worked like a day of course, but the last couple of days I've gotten the questions.  And I know they will be asking all this next week what is up.

Tomorrow is Nick's first business trip.  Monday's around here are horrid as I've mentioned before and I'm already wishing my husband who should have tomorrow off, didn't have to go.

Nick's new job is a Corporate Auditor position...or so I've been told.  I've also been told it has some other title but I can't remember what that is.  And I basically have no idea what he does all day.  He could be testing football's for their bounce all day for all I know...as long as that paycheck is direct deposited, I'm a happy camper.

I do know he is going to have to travel and I am okay with that.  At least I was until it came closer and now we are standing face-to-face, staring at each other.  Because when it is all said and done, Nick being out of town means a lot of sleepless nights...3500 square feet of creaks and bumps in the night...eeek!

Anyway, people keep asking me if Nick's at his new job and I always say yes but if you ask him he'll tell you not yet, so thought I would explain to all of you in the wondering department. :)  We are so grateful to his Company for this opportunity and so thankful to God for opening all the doors.  His will be done all of the time, right?  :)

So excited about this time we are facing in our lives...if you need me though and Nick's out of town you can find me hiding under the covers from the monsters under the bed ;)