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The End of Art Class

 Eek!  Now that's an up close picture, is it not?  I love by the way how dark her eyes are...she has the color of eyes like mine and Cal's are a brown like spilt Dr. Pepper like his Daddy.  

Anyway, do you like the paint on Emma's face?  She often comes home from art class with art wounds like these.
 And these....
 And these (while these were harder to capture on camera, but there nevertheless)
And these.  Poor Emma.  These were her favorite jeans.  She was so upset that she got something on them that wouldn't come off.

Anyway, every time we are at Art class she comes home in an outfit that will never be fit to wear again for anything other than art.  So she's been wearing this outfit every Wednesday for the last few months.

Yesterday was her last day of art.  I think in the Fall we will pick back up with Art class but for now we could use a break.  Right now she has art class for 3 hours a week and had gym for 3 hours a week.  It is a homeschool program and we LOVE it but it also cut quite a bit into her regular schooling on those days.

I will tell you though that the one thing Emma has LOVED are the friendships.  She has such cute little friends and it is adorable to see them giggling with one another or to be rolling their eyes in agreement over conversations of what a pain brothers are.  Is there anything cuter than little girls hanging out together???

But ta-ta art!  Hopefully in the Fall the class will have invested in some smocks and we will be able to wear more than one outfit during the year :)

So proud of you Emma!  You are flourishing in all that you do and we love you sooo much!!!