Thankful for the Hubs

Tonight I write this from my death bed as I am down for the county with some type of plague tummy bug.  So thankful that after 12 hours at the office he will come home, see me looking like poop and order me off to bed so he can make dinner and take care of the kiddos.

Tomorrow is his first day traveling with his job.  I am dreading this.  I just don't want to say goodbye as silly as that seems.

The inner Lindsay has a hard time getting all worked up with the "what-ifs" of travel...specifically if I am not traveling with him.  I am trying to squelch the inner Lindsay but the gag reflex keeps kicking in so I think she is trying to get out one way or the other.  :)

Hope you've had a great weekend...I'd love to know what y'all have been up to!