Scholastic Delivers :)

Alright maybe that's a bit of a play on words.  But today Scholastic did deliver...

book orders that is!

And please don't laugh at me but I have to tell SOMEONE this story!

Due to the visitors of the day I was getting tired of answering the door...

No thanks, we don't need our sidewalk shoveled...

We live I guess in a more affluent area and people apparently walk here from all over the city to try to get hired to shovel for us.  Our answer is always no. Well, no thank you :)

Anyway, I was tired of these people so when the door bell rang I came downstairs and crawled to a window in our solarium to see who it was...had to be sneaky to make sure they didn't see me through the foyer and the entry way door.  I still couldn't see anyone so I had to get underneath the baby grand to peep through the window.

And no one was there.  Boy was that a waste of wicked ninja skills :)

It was just the UPS man delivering a box of Scholastic book orders!  I am so, so stinkin' excited.  If you missed my first post about how us homeschooling Mama's can get in on the Scholastic Book Order action you can click here to read all about it!

 This is one of the order forms I am most excited about!  Games, Kits, books on tape...awesome.  You are a speakin' my language!
 I am discovering that almost every order form has at least one $1.00 book!  With 12 order forms to order from, I could fill an order with practically nothing but buck books!
This is another order form that I am super excited about.  And yes I know I am a big huge nerd.  Or dork.  Dweeb maybe.  But whatever the name, I am it.  I love history and I love immersing our children in it as well.

The kids and I got to pour over them, just like if they were in a real school.  I love things like this that can help them to get a teeny, tiny part of what goes on at school.

So the kiddos will have to turn in their order forms soon so we can get our order in...I am so excited!  The one reason why I may have been the most excited though is that I am HORRID at looking at catalogues online...does anyone else have this problem or is it just me????