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Scholastic Book Clubs for Homeschoolers!

With Cal in preshcool, we get the opportunity to order from their book order sheets from Scholastic.  We just got our new round of order forms and I was thinking of how much I was going to miss Book Orders when we are out of preschool and homeschooling both of them (if we homeschool Cal...that's still being sorted out!).  

Anyway, then I got the crazy idea...

Can homeschools get book orders?  

And the great news?   They can!!!  

No co-op, no minimum numbers, nothing! 

Just go to the Scholastic Book Clubs.  You can just make an account as a teacher, indicate your school as a homeschool and then select what grades your school is interested in.  

Then you can view all of the book orders for all grades and order away!  

Why am I am so excited about this you may ask? 

First of all, I love book orders! Isn't it exciting to get new books?  I always loved this in school and was kind of bummed the kiddos were going to miss out on this with being homeschooled.  I think  you can even request the newspapery order form booklets.  I may do that down the road so the kiddos can have it in their hands and tell me what they want to order.  

Secondly, they have crazy good prices on books.  Phonics sets, math games, coin and time telling books, history books...the works, they have so many items you can use in homeschool.  Not to mention all of the great fiction books you can order for free time reading.  

Here are some deals I've found I am planning on ordering:  
Abraham Lincoln , regularly $ the book order it's $1.00!  A buck!!!
E.B. White Treasury, regularly $20.48, on sale for $3.99

I am loving these prices in case you can't tell :)

You can check out the February order form for 1st graders here.  

The third thing that makes me so super excited about being able to use this book club is that there are Teacher benefits that you can use!  These appear to change monthly!!!  

This Month's benefit is that with a $20.00 or more order you get 10x bonus points and $20.00 to spend right away!  Did y'all get that?  Free books!!!  Plus they have a story app and you get 5 free non-fiction downloads to use!  I am envisioning this being really helpful with our science studies as I so often have a hard time finding a computer component for the areas we are studying.  Eek :)  

There are tons of other components to this too and I urge you to sign up and see for yourself!  I am so excited to get started in this as you earn points for free materials, there are coupons you can receive, they sell school supplies you can apply your saving too and so much more!  

Well I hope this was a help to you!  I'd love to know if you sign up and snag some deals I may not have know me, always looking for deals!!!  

Happy Shopping dear friends!!! :)