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Rocket Pack

I want a Rocket Pack!  

Cal is always saying this, poor dear.  But I have no clue how to make a rocket pack.  

Thank heavens he finally asked when Nick was home!  

Daddies always know how to make rocket packs, right?
  By the way, is there anything sweeter than a little boys imagination coming to life with the help of his Daddys hands?  I don't think so friends...
 Look at that sweet face!  He is so excited to finally have a rocket pack!  

And now I Think (think being the key word here...) that I know how to make it too...
 On giant rubber band.  One empty cheesy poof container, and one throw pillow, and...
 Voila!  A rocket pack fit for an astronaut!  I love little boys!
His imagination is taking him so many places these days!  

Blast off!!!