Our Fire Station Field Trip!

Last week we accompanied Cal's class to the Fire Station for a field trip.  We had so much fun!  

 This is Emma telling me "no flash photography!" She is starting to get really tired of me taking pictures of them all of the time.  I hope someday she will look back and be grateful I took them all.
Love this picture!!!  This is Calvin and his best friend in the whole wide world.  Can I just start crying now as I think of them not being together next year?  Waaahhh!
Here's the firefighter showing them the kitchen. Emma like to randomly ask him the questions she had thought of.   So it went like this "So we have big huge pots to make a meal for everyone here on duty."
So how much does your hat weigh?  

I don't think she minds being random :)
And the truck is this big!
Love that he did this!  Dressed to show the kids how scary he looks in his gear and then they talked about how you never hide from him in a fire even if he looks scary.
And here's a class photos...so cute!  I am so glad we have opportunities to go with the class on trips!  He has the best teachers in the world.  They were Emma's teachers too and this is our very last year with them...oh dear, here come the water works again!!! :(
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