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Girl Scouts Thinking Day

This morning Emma had Thinking Day with her Girl Scout troop and their entire service unit (which is comprised of about 20 troops).  Thinking Day is when they study different countries and think outside of their little area.  

Last year each troop put on a skit or performance.  Each troop had a different country.   This year each troop represented a country and put together a table of things for the other troops.  The troops went around and had a scavenger hunt of facts from the tables.  It was a lot of fun!
 Here's Emma with one of her girlie friends...aren't they adorable???
 While Emma was off tasting foods from different cultures and finding her facts this was what Cal was doing. He made friends with a little boy and they took turns playing games on my cute!  I was really happy he was content doing that most of the time as there really was nothing else for him to do!

As a side note I would like to say that the only time the kids are allowed to play with handhelds (their gamers or our cell phones) is when we go somewhere and I have nothing else to do to keep them occupied. Other than that time I am opposed to a lot of screen time and not letting them play them all of the time keeps them desirable when I need them to work!

 China was the booth next to us and they all dressed up as little panda cute!  Took me a while to figure it out though and I kept asking other moms why the China table was dressed as mice!  Oops :)
 Hey crazy hair!  You're still adorable!  He's doing a great job guarding my purse...and apparently a crock pot lid!  Great job little Bud!
 This booth was adorable!  All of the little girls had scarves around their necks...very chic!  Emma didn't want a packzi at the Polish table (basically a doughnut) but was thrilled to death when France had bread and butter.  Her Daisy leader was chuckling that she'll turn down a doughnut but get excited about bread and butter!  That's our little girl :)
Doesn't this look fun?  It's  fron the Australia booth...bread with sprinkles and some type of frosting!
 Here's Emma holding hands with her friend and getting ready to join up for their Friendship Circle.  Adorable!  They all had so much fun and it is always a blast getting to see her in action with her friends.  I am so thankful for this Girl Scout troop that she has an opportunity to make friends!