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Why, Hello There 2013!

I must admit, I am not a huge New Year's Celebrator. 

Never really have been. 

One of my all time favorite New Years' was when we rung in the new year with good friends watching Mary Poppins. 

Yep, you read that right. 

So if you don't like reading what nerds have to say, you might want to just stop reading now.  Right here.  Here. 

But if you, like me, are somewhat of a dweeb, then you get me and you will keep reading...

Anyway, this year not too much went on for New Years. 

Would you like to know what we did?

Well, my mom wanted to have the kiddos for the New Years so we dropped them off for the night. 

And then we partied...not so much

Then we went and did a little shopping with Christmas Gift cards we had received.  I am way into this kick of "we are getting this place organized and in some sort of shape that we can actually use" so a-shopping we  go. 

We then got some Chinese.  It was yumm-o.

I ADORE Chinese food.  Usually it involves the kiddos fighting over pot stickers and then telling me how gross this food they are fighting over is.  Why do kids fight over food if they think it is gross? 

Then we went home, I wore gross sweat pants (which definitely sets the mood for some and then we watched television on the comfort of our couch. 

Next, since I am somewhat of a night owl and my husband worked all day and was tired, I organized and he slept.  I'm telling you folks, this is the stuff marriages are made of!

Truth be told we didn't buy too much in the way of organization except for new plastic containers for food.  That counts somewhat right?  And even though it seems like a small thing, it helped me to reorganize and get rid of the old gross containers that we were still using.  

And since I am stupid I didn't take a "before" picture.  But I did take some after pictures.

This is all of the crap that I threw away or found a new home for.  How in the world did  I accumulate all of this junk?  And how do I always end up with lids that are missing the containers?  How does that happen??? And somewhere I am missing two Popsicle mold stick things.  Do you have them???

Here's the after picture of our container cabinet.  It's so nice and organized and tidy.  Please excuse the ghetto-ness of the wood of our cabinets.  We have over 100 year old shelves, y'all.  I love them by the way...way roomier than new cabinets.

Here's the top containers for foods, glass jars I use, grater, and the blender bottle.  I also kept some of our old ziploc containers for when we have loads of people over for a potluck or something and then I have to have something to send leftovers home with them in.  Now I have these  can use just for that and not getting them back is no big deal.

Here's the bottom shelf.  New containers, some old containers left (there's only 3 there, promise!), more glass jars, and our cutting boards.

I am so excited that I had the umph to get this cleaned!  This is that spot that has been so disorganized for so long.  It was impossible to find stuff and junk would fall out all over the place when you tried to take one thing out.

So there ya go, our remade container cabinet.

I am not a resolution kind of girl but I do like the freshness that comes with the dawning of a new year.  Time to dust off our viewpoint and see everything in a new light and recharge ourselves for life. 

We only have this one life God gives us.  I often get so bored with living the everyday instead of seeing the awesomeness of everything and realizing the potential of things.  That's what the coming of a new year does for this old lady.

So that's what I strive to do when the New Year comes around.  Hope you all have a happy New Year!
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