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My Big Accomplishment

There's this table that we have had since we got married.

We got it at Ikea.  

Anyone else out there in love with Ikea???  

I could spend a substantial amount of time there!  These days I usually walk out with an apron and a box of drinking straws, but's nice to look.

Well when we were married the closest Ikea to our college was about 6 hours away and no one had really heard of it yet in our small po-dunk part of the world.  So we borrowed Nick's dad's truck (did I possessive that right???) and headed off to the great land of Ikea.  I had things circled in that catalogue like people had never circled before.  After all, we were setting up our home as a married couple, I felt like a lot rode on this.  Well, as much as can ride on people who find shopping at Ikea an extravagance.

Oh how far we've come!

So we bought pretty much everything from Ikea.  Bed, dining room set, rugs, kitchen ware, lamps, and last but not least, this table.  It was our coffee table.  Very sleek and modern.  Aside from our bed and our dining room table it was the biggest piece of furniture in our first apartment.

Nick hated it there...we'd always whack our shins on the corners due to there being hardly any room to walk  around it in the shoebox we called home.

Then we moved to a bigger apartment in the city and it was great!  When we moved to our house it was used to hold the TV....we was all fancy!

And lastly when we finally, finally, FINALLY could afford a flat screen we hung that puppy above the fireplace and moved the coffee table up to the third floor.

For a long time it was just a place where I could take pictures for my ebay-ishness.  But since we've been homeschooling, we've been using it for that.  It's a great place to play games, do crafts, just sit and think.  Whatever.  It's all Japanese-ish of us as we sit on the floor on mats, but we like it.

And until now (at least this year) it's been holding all of my ju-hunk.

As in, there is no way any one will ever be able to use this table, you couldn't even see it.  Ugh.

Until now my friends...until now.

It's cleaned off!  The Christmas business has been put away!  The books have been refiled, spilt beads's all off and waiting to be trashed again, I'm sure.

It's the little things around here that make me feel accomplished.  I know, it's not much, but it's one area in our home that I have tackled.

Now onto the other 99.9% of things .....

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