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Buried Treasure

This is my coffee station in our kitchen.  Before this I had a janky microwave stand that we had gotten from a garage sale.  All it was was a stand with a shelf below on wheels.  All of our business was out in the open and it got real wobbly, real fast.

One day I went downstairs and spotted this little beauty hidden under the basement stairs.  I asked Nick to drag it out.  It was hideous, dirty, and covered with just, ew, gag me, grossness.  We measured, figured out it would work in the spot where the "lovely" microwave stand was and ta-da, we have a coffee station.  It took a lot of scrubbing and painting and just tidiness to get it to where it is today.

I love it!  The big drawer hold all of my bags and canisters of coffee, the upper small drawer holds my coffee filters, scoops, and sweeteners.  The lower small drawer holds the dog's canned food.  The cupboard holds the dog food container and onions and potatoes.  It works perfectly!

Anywho,  fast forward to the past two years of life.  I've always wondered about the top of this table.  I figured it must have had something, but Nick assured me it was probably long gone.  Nick had this upside down cabinet shoved in the back of the basement that held paint and other crap.  I asked SEVERAL times if that was something worth while and he always said no.

And that brings us to last week.  I guess I should explain to you that I do not go into the basement because it is dark and scary and horrid.  Well not as horrid as it could be, but it is Nick's space with tools and everything.  Besides it is a Michigan basement, which for you non-basement or old house people, means that our basement is brick/cement part of the way and the rest is "why hello dirt".  Yep, just opened up to the dirt under our house.  So now ya know...if Nick goes missing, start digging :)

In our basement is also the original "dorothy of wizard of oz" storm cellar stairs, which would have led outside.  They now lead to the underside of our solarium's floor (an addition) and do a great job of holding paint cans.  Nick got the idea that we could find another place for my paint can obsession and make that into a root type cellar for overflow of paper towels, and potatoes, and the such.  How handy this will be!

While he was moving things around, he went to this nook area of our basement behind that furnace.  This is the part that meets dirt so we really just don't go back there.  We've lived in our house for close to 8 years and we've peeked into that area once. ONCE.  Not joking.

So Nick decided that would be a great place for shelves for said paint cans, but first all of the junk back there would have to be moved.  Junk that came with the house.  Junk that wasn't ours, but is now.  I guess it's been our junk for 8 years but I digress....

While he was back there he found a lot of really cool stuff!  I'll have to post what he found...I need ideas for what to do with some of the stuff and I would love to year y'all's opinions and ideas.

So Nick was cleaning and he called me down to show me what he had found.  He showed me the near cleared out space and we had to pass by this upside down cabinet that caught my eye...
I looked at it and then passed by it again and REALLY looked at it.  It looked like a hutch for my coffee station flipped upside down.  I looked closer.  The latch was the same...the wood was the same...the hinges were my last straw...

they were the same!!!

I made Nick drag it out of the dark nasty corner to check it out and ...

It's the top of my coffee station area.   Based on research I've found it's from Coppes Kitchens in Nappanee, Indiana.  I need to do some research (and some scrubbing and cleaning and painting on this nasty thing) but I am so excited!  I am such a nerd, I know, but I thought this was neat that it was hiding in our house this whole time.  Very vintage...lead paint and all, oh joy!

I'll post pictures of it was we progress.  I'm so excited!!!