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Our Christmas

Every year we do some fun things at Christmas.  Make cookies, decorate, celebrate, yada, yada. 
Here are just a few pictures from our events...
Here we are with my sisters getting ready to celebrate a little at our annual Ugly Christmas sweater party.  Nick's in a women's sweater that is way too short and when I put mine on I realized I shrunk mine last year because the sleeves are way too short.  I guess it's back to Goodwill to find some new ugly sweaters for next year!  I always am super excited when I find ugly sweaters at Garage sales during the summer. 
I guess it's the little things, right? 
This is our tree after Santa.  Emma got a big gift and I was a little concerned that there wouldn't seem to be much under the tree.  I guess my fears were a little silly!
One of our traditions at Christmas every year is that on Christmas Eve we gift them with matching Christmas pjs.  We put them on at my Grandma's house and then on the way home we look at Christmas lights.  When we get them home they're usually conked out with jammies already on and we are good to go for bed. 
Here is Emma opening her "big" gift from American Girl that looks like her.  She has been asking for it for literally a year. This was all she asked for for Christmas. 
She said "Oh, thank you ever so much." 
It was so precious. 
In our stockings she gave Nick and I each $2.00.  She said she had been hoping to get her doll and she was hoping the money would help us out since we'd spent so much on her.  She is just too cute...
And we gave the money back in case you are wondering!!!
It's nice to give a gift that they really appreciate.  She still is telling us just how blessed she is and how much she loves it. 
She makes me happy.

Calvin always puts this hat on and wants us to take a picture. 
Sure cutie, I'll take your picture. 
He makes me happy too. 
So there you go, some pictures of the fun things we did this year.  How was your Christmas?  Are you still relishing in the holiday like we are???