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Homeschooling it up at Ho Ping

We are studying the Medieval period this year in school and for the past two weeks we have been studying China.  It's really been fascinating.  I've learned so much too...about what colors mean, why there are lions outside of buildings, folklore about Panda's coloring, and so much more!  

Last night we went out to eat for what else?  but Chinese food, of course!  We sought out a truly authentic restaurant, not just fried rice and fortune cookies.  

I must say, we had so much fun!  The children were remarkably well behaved and it was just a lot of fun.  You could tell that Emma was really paying attention and kind of "getting it".  

Do you like these guys?  They were outside of the restaurant.  Emma thought the one on the left resembled the Warlord from the book we had read:

 The Warlord's Puzzle, which was a really good book.

The kids LOVE hot tea so they were thrilled that they could have it.  I think Cal is kind of drunk on tea...four glasses in :)
This was one of our dishes...beef and scallops...yum!  We  did have to talk though that in Medival China meat was very rare and so they really would have just had vegetables.  They were kind of like "um, yeah, okay, pass the beef."  
Here's Emma happy to use a fork after trying to use the chop sticks.
This is basically what Emma looked like too!  They are so funny and had so much fun.  Did you know that the Chinese invented chopsticks?  And gunpowder?  And the crossbow?  And steel?  

Fascinating, huh?  

Anyway, all in all, we had a great time.  We really enjoyed the dinner and if we have to drop some money for the lesson to really SINK in and make some memories  I think it is worth it.