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Tifton, Georgia

On our way to Floriday to visit Mickey Mouse, we made a stop in Tifton, Georgia.  Disney World is approximately 19 hours away from our house.  We definitely could have done the drive in one day.  But we knew if we went that route that, upon arrival, we would be completely exhausted from the driving and the kids would be all psyched up, ready to go! 

So we decided to break the drive up.  We left on a Sunday night at about midnight.  Nick had been able to sleep from about 6:00 p.m. until Midnight, so he was rested and ready to go upon departure.  While he was sleeping I packed the car, got some last minute cleaning done, and just plain old relaxed for a while, knowing in a few short hours I would be smooshed in the car with no personal space. 

We drove from midnight until about 5:00 p.m., making some shopping stops along the way, eating at every Cracker Barrel we could find (just kidding...kind of), and just plain old enjoying the drive. 

We stopped at a place called Lane Orchards.  They had pecans and peaches.  Oh my word, they also had homemade fresh peach ice cream which was to DIE for!  It really was homemade, not we bought this fake peach mix but mixed it ourselves...nope this was not too sweet and had this amazing fresh peach taste.  MMMM....I want some RIGHT NOW!!!

Eating the peach...goobers!
Life is so hard for these two :)

We chose to stay in Tifton with our travel agent.  It was about 4 hours away from Disney.  A good place to stop for the night and not have too much driving in front of of us the next day.  When we got there we discovered that it was a typical city that was getting built up around the edged.  But town's website called it the Friendly Place or something like there had to be a downtown, right? 

The cutest lady at the front desk of our hotel told us in her southern drawl "oh, ya'll don't want to see the downtown.  There's nothin' there."  But I did want to see it.  I love old buildings, and Nick having City planning in his blood, made us an ideal couple to explore the downtown. 
Neatest old theatre was still there..loved it!
A bed and breakfast :)
Love Farmer's Markets...they keep neighborhoods alive and help towns to thrive!

We drove by this old Grocery Store...loved it and the media on the sides of the store :)
 For dinner we went to a place for dinner called "Charles Seafood".  When we are travelling we always try to find locally owned places that have been open for a long time..  You know, taste what the locals eat :)  This place has been opened since the '70's.  And don't you just love the decor?  Huh?  Yeah, you want some of that wallpaper for your guest bathroom, don't you??
 We sat across from these was cute!
And here was the dinner food you got.  Everything was served on paper/plastic plates.  If we wanted another plate for the kids to have  some of our food there was a 30 cent surcharge which kind of made me laugh.  Seriously?  And how many people ask for extra plates?  Tons?  So much so that you found the extra plates going out were making you go broke?  This is a hard economy, dude.  Anyway, the fried oysters were Amazing!  Like, Uh-maze-ing!  I am not a big fried seafood fan, but these were good!  Highly recommend this place if you ever find yourself in the bottom of Georgia and stumble into Tifton!

So that's our little tour of Tifton!  We enjoyed our night there.  We were gone by 5 am the next day and then we were headed for Disney!!!!  

I promise, someday I will share those pics too :)