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My Thoughts on the President...

I have none. 

Honestly, people are way too wrapped up in the Presidential elections. 

It's been kind of sickening to see and listen to people talk about the president relentlessly.

Here's the truth about my life...

I am a busy mom. 

A Super Busy Mom as you may have picked up from the title of my blog. 

I have too many things to worry about during the day to spend an exhausting amount of time arguing about the president.  Or what I like about the current president.  Or don't.  Or like about the future president.  Or don't.

I am too worried wondering if I remembered to get the porkchops out of the freezer for dinner.  Or if I paid the electric bill.  Or trying to remember where the drycleaning bag is.  Or who put silly putty in the dishwasher...again.  Sanctuary!!!

The truth is I am neither a demorcrat or a republican.  I spend time praying about who I should vote for, who has Jesus in their heart and then I choose.

The peon elections (the local people I have no clue who they are)  I close my eyes, put my hand on my eyes, wave my pencil around and stab the paper to choose.  It's a complicated system I've got going on here, folks :)

You know see why Nick doesn't like to go to the polls with me :) 

Here's my confession in this blog (which it always seems that I am putting some type of confession in here, doesn't it?)  I used to care about elections but I had to stop.  My personality is one that I care too much and then have an anxiety attack about things I cannot change and then obsess over things I cannot change and am upset about. 

Basically my self help for this has been to just swing in the opposite direction and just not care.  It's worked marvelously with having kid as I am so busy now anyway.  I used to care about dishes too but had to stop that too.  And laundry.  Boy I wish.

This is the most political junk you will ever hear me talk about.  I just don't like it.  Let's talk about something fun.  Like purses.  Or diet soda. 

So there you have it, lessons we've learned today:  I honestly can't say I am a democrat or a republican...this drives my husband crazy.  And I am insane.   Lesson over!
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