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It's a Cozy Little House

When we left our family in South Carolina we were faced with a 15 hour car ride. 


The entire time we were in the car we all kind of bickered and kept to ourselves and much as we could.  The truth being, enough was enough and we all wanted to be out of the car and away from one another.

We wanted to be home. 

I know I really wanted to be home.  I was a little worried though. Had I idolized it a little too much?  What if it smelled weird from being gone so long?  What if something needed cleaned?

My evidently insane fears were put to rest when we got home. 

Goodness I love our house.  I love the grace and charm it exudes for us.  But most of all I love that it is a tapestry of our lives.  It's something Nicholas and I have pieced together and it reflects us and the love of our family. 

It feels so good to be back in this safe haven of ours.  It's amazing how I was so excited to go on vacation and now I never want to leave. 
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