Happy Pretend Columbus Day!

Last Monday was Columbus Day. 

I totally missed the boat. 

Get it?  Boat? 

Oh geesh. 

Anyway, I completely spaced that it was Columbus Day.  Everyone's super cute homeschool posts around the blog-o-sphere gently reminded me of what I didn't do. 

And then I discovered the entire folder full of Columbus Day activities I had...all ready to go. 


I am not one for celebrating every little holiday or anything.  But this year we are studying Christopher Columbus in history, so I thought maybe we should celebrate the day.  Just a little. 

Yeah, Chris Columbus.  He's kind of a big deal.  They even have a day for him.  I forgot it, but it's in October.  No mom awards are being thrown at my feet. 

So today, I pretended it was Columbus Day this Monday.

Please no one take the girl to the bank. 

Or the Post. 

You'll foil my plan surely. 

Anywho, here's what we've done so far...
 For lunch Emma had a garlic bread ship afloat spaghetti.  She keeps telling me that garlic bread is much yummier when it is made to look like a ship :)
 My wonderful blogging friend (I only know her on the computer)  a video on her blog.  You can read about her Columbus Day activities and the link to the video here.
Poor Emma had to watch the movie while eating her garlic bread ship lunch because I had to whisk her away to homeschool gym.  LOVE that she's in that!

There's a fun coloring printable from Veritas Press that can be found here.

Emma also made a fun Christopher Columbus cut out craft.  It can be found on the Super Teacher Worksheet's page.

So that's how we celebrated Christopher Columbus.  I think she learned a lot and had a good time too!
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