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The Nutcracker

This past weekend Emma auditioned to be in the Nutcracker in our city.  While there are several large ballet company's in our area, the Nutcracker is put on by the biggest and most prestigious. 
This audition was something that Emma had no idea she was even doing until that morning and I must tell you, from a mother's stand point it could not have gone worse! 
Earlier in the week I had gone through Emma's things and realized she had 1 pair of ballet tights and no leotards that fit! 
So the night before her audition we had an event to go to but I managed to frantically make it to the store and buy a leotard.  I mean, we were running in and out of the store!  I found one I REALLY liked but bought another one just in case. 
In the morning I went to dress her and couldn't find her tights anywhere!  I was going balistic!  What on earth did I do with them?  I had had them in my hand just days before and then suddenly they were gone!!!
Nick found them in her t-shirt drawer.  While I have no idea whose fault it is, I have a pretty good guess...mine!!!
I went to put her leotard on her and it was huge!!!  Thankfully I had bought the backup and that one fit! 
The final piece of the puzzle were her ballet slippers.  She had worn them last year in her class and they had been huge!  The "stellar" mother I am didn't think to try them on and lo-and behold, they were WAY too small!  I had Nick cut out the elastic band that runs around the piping on the top and luckily they would at least go on her feet...they were so small!!!  I felt terrible for her but assured her she would have them on for just a couple of minutes. 
I threw her hair in a bun and we were off! 
Good thing her audition was close!
When we got there, I could not believe how many girls there were!  There was practically no where to sit and we finally found a place...on the floor!  We had to fill out an application, include a cover shot of her, and even paid just to have her audition.  It all seemed kind of over the top to us po-dunk people.  I was so nervous; Emma didn't really seem to care.  I was nervous though, because, what do you say to a little girl who doesn't get a part?  I just didn't want to see her upset.

 After waiting for what seemed like forever they FINALLY called her in with the rest of the litte girls her age.  They were horribly behind schedule.  We waited and finally some girls started to trickle downstairs.  But no Emma.  We waited, and waited, and waited.  Still no Emma.  So Nick went upstairs to look for her.  And he caught her in the audition.  Isn't she just adorable! 
 Here she is again.  Looking back I figured that the girls who came down first survived the first round of auditions, were made mice and then sent downstairs.  Emma was undergoing a second round of proud of that girl!
 FINALLY she came downstairs with her little envelope.  I don't think she had any idea what the envelope meant.  Don't you just love the staircase?  This is where I took ballet too and I loved it.  The building is an old, old school and it is just perfect for a ballet studio.  I think there are four floors of nothing but ballet rooms. 
Don't you love her little bun and her little leg warmers?  She is just so adorable! 

When she finally came to me with the envelope, we opened it up and found out she had been accepted as a lamb!  We are so proud of her.  And if I am thinking right, she will be on stage with the shepherdess and will do a little routine with her...does anyone else know? 

We are so excited for her!  We have to sign an official contract and send it in this week.  The girl will end up practicing two hours a week...that's a lot for a 6 year old!