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Morning Routine

With the dawn of the new school year has also come some new implementations to "try" to make our days go a little smoother.

One of the parts of our days that needed some tweaking was our morning routine.  We do the same exact thing  And yet I was having to repeat myself every morning.  Brush your teeth! Get dressed!  Make your bed!  

Gotta tell you, it was getting really old, really quick.  So we started using these for their morning routines.  Calvin's has these little pictures since he can't read yet.  And yes, I know, I can't draw anything to save my life.

No pinterest postings here :)

Calvin insists on following this step by step.  Emma has one in her room too and she switches her things up, making sure at the end that she has done everything.

It has saved so much time and has helped us all so much!  One of the things that I know the children didn't like was teethbrushing.  Emma always had to fight with Cal when they brushed their teeth at the same time...he was always picking on her or hiding the toothpaste, or just in general being a brother :)  Now he brushes his teeth the same time every morning so she doesn't have to do it at the same time as him.  That has cut down on the fighting immensely!  Happiness all around :)

I bought these slot kajiggers from the dollar bins at Target.  They've had them the last 3 years around school time so if you want to do this sometime make sure you keep your eye open next July.

Does anyone else have a morning routine posted for their kids?  Does it help your family too?