Lego Man

 What is it about boys and legos?  They are somehow innately connected in a powerful way.  Cal could play forever with Legos.  And where he wants to go is dependent on the amount of legos available to hime. 

Take speech therapy.  Cal used to hate therapy.  Until Miss Katie brought in legos.  Now he can't wait to go back to see her. 

It's kind of strange really.  :)
 This is Cal.  In his room almost every day.  Every minute of every day.  Notice what is to the right of him?
 Yep, that's right.  It's a lego table!  Isn't it neat?  I scored this puppy at a garage sale for $15.00.   I thought it was a steal.  As you can see Cal uses it to store all of his junk rather than actually building things.  Which means we have to walk all over legos on the floor, all the time looking at this lego table which could so nicely house all of his creations.  But I digress...Moving onto creations:

 This is one of Cal's creations.  Does anyone know what this is supposed to be?  His imagination is so cute to me.  Love, love, love it. 
 And then there is this...this I can see is a horse.  I love how he can make things up and build them. 
 Here's something that is so funny to me!  He loves to build and rebuild little men so here he built a little see-saw for them...isn't that the cutest thing?
Here are the little guys playing with the playground equiptment.  They apparently are very small as Cal told me they can't get their underpants back up when they go potty so I need to "stick around" to help as he put it:)  Love that boy!
So there's our story of legos...taking over our lives!  Just kidding.  We feel so lucky to have found something that Cal loves to do!

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