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Cube Console

Nick made the workboxes which I talked about here.  And since he is amazing he started taking orders on what else I needed.  One of the things I really wanted was a central place for all of the supplies. 
Last year the kids had their own sets of supplies in their desks.  It went well part of the time and the rest of the time I listened to this:
I can't find my orange colored pencil. 
Cal borrowed my blue crayon and won't give it back. 
I can't find my pencil sharpener...
Ugh, it got old.  There had to be another way!   I also had these cute bins with no where to really keep them and binders and things that just had no home. 
 So Nick came up with this!  Isn't it just darling!!!  We homeschool on the third floor and the windows are pretty close to the floor.  I believe this console kajigger is only 13 inches high but I love that it fits so snuggly underneath the window.  I also like that there is now a buffer between the children and the window.  While the kids are very well behaved and we've never had any scares or anything, there's still something that just freaks me out about kids around a window 3 stories up. 

Anyway, the cube shaped bins hold papers and flashcards.  The binders on the left hold all of the kids' school work that they have completed.  The magazine holders hold...tada!!!  Magazines!  Shocking, I know!  But it helps me to keep track of all of the curriculum catalogs, "mailbox" classroom magazines, and the like. 
 Here's our pencil holder and a smattering of what nots in the other side.  These were at Hobby Lobby last year.  I fell in love with the colors and prints in the pattern.  I think they are actually gardening things and not for the office.  The above is a set of pots with a handle in between.  But it works.  And I love it.
 Our globe which was mine when I was a girl.  Did you know that one year I actually asked for a globe for Christmas?  What kind of nerd asks for a globe?  It was something that just didn't have a home in our classroom.  I stole this firetruck from Cal's room and it now is our glue stick holder.  Love vintage wood toys like this truck!
 Is there anything better than school supplies?  Just looking at all of the colors and options makes me smile.  How fun!  In the picture above you can see that this is a strawberry that I thought of this idea.  We had a strawberry box that we just never used and I love using it in this way. 
And finally had to include this.  Last year to make the time go by faster Cal would randomly glue things together.  Or tape them.  He would  have stapled them if I had let him, I'm sure.  This was one of the things that he made.  Isn't it cute, a little snowflake?  It actually looks like a snowflake!  Proud of that kid. 

So there's a little tour of what Nick made for me.  It's just perfect, he's perfect, and life is perfect.  So blessed!