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Art Festival

This weekend there was nothing to do on our agenda!


However, I always seem to make the situation entirely too stressful as I don't want to waste our precious time, but also want to find something totally cool to do. 

So this morning we went and did a tad bit of garage saleing...we found nothing!

And then we went to our city's art festival.  We had so much fun!  We first sought out our neighbor's who have amazing art work and who love our kids...score!

We then made our way to an art area where the kids could participate in a project.  We are pretty siked about it. The city took a picture of an area of the city, graphed it out into a bunch of squares and then you get a 12x12 tile to paint your square on.  They are going to put them all together and make it a permenant art work in the city.  The kids are super excited that their work will always be there to see.  :) 

We had oodles of fun.  There were culinary artists and ice sculptures and music and painters and singers and...

What we really liked though were the potters.  We kind of stumbled upon some potters on our way to find a bathroom.  Emma and I watched them for a while while Nick and Cal were in the bathroom.  Then we switched bathroom teams and it was Emma and my turn.  While we were in there apparently Cal watched for a few moments and then blurted out to the potter "I want to do that!" Nick said she loved his enthusiasm and was more than happy to give him a go.

 Cal getting his apron on...isn't it just adorable how big it is?
 Waiting at the wheel...
 And we're off!
 This is his very small, I am really, really enjoying this smirk. 
 Here's the ariel view of his creation
  And here is his in the front. 

The potter lady let us take it home and it is in our secretary now, drying, drying, drying. 

Unless you have a kiln I could use?  No? 

I was AMAZED by this act.  Cal used to never talk to people!  And here he was telling someone he didn't know what he wanted to do.  UHHH mazing!   Also, Cal is in therapy for sensory issues. He has a very rough touch and has a hard time managing his hands. 

Nick and I were stunned that he could do this!  The lady would tell him to put all of his fingers together and press gently and he would do it! 

We are looking for pottery classes for kids as young as he is but so far haven't found anything.  But we're dragging clay out more and more around the house and he loves doing this. 

So those were our experiences at the art was such a fun day!

**sorry about the horrid quality of these pictures.  Everything is very white washed.  These are cell phone pictures as we forgot the camera.  I very much dislike our phone pics**
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