Super Busy at Home

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Little Lazy Bones

Yesterday there was a pretty huge disparity between our kiddos and everyone else's in the area as yesterday all of the Public Schools started.  This is what we were doing as you can see above. 


Rather than having to get the kiddos up and on the bus super early (7:26 is the bus time we were assigned if we went to school), we are lounging around savoring the last few chilly mornings of summer, taking our time waking up. 
Here's Cal.  He somehow always mangages to walk around with his waistband all twisted and tucked under...I have no idea how it doesn't drive him nuts.  Well, I do, he has sensory issues and can't even feel it, but it just seems it should drive him crazy like it does his Momma! 

Miss Kazoo with Baby Grace.  We switch back and forth on a daily basis who we are obsessed with: Kit or Baby Grace.  As you can see, yesterday was a Baby Grace (in ice skating pants or something?) kind of day. 
Yesterday they watched more television than normal.  This is NOT what a typical day looks like around here.  But there were two reasons this occured:
1) Emma had been grounded from watching television and had her grounding just lifted so she was content snuggling in to watch some toons.
2) Nick has started snoring  a lot!  Ugh.  But as a result I ended up not falling asleep until about 2:30 in the morning and that was downstairs on the couch.  So this Mommy was a leetle sleepy!  Sure kids, watch tv.  I'm going to take a nap...
So that is was our day!  We are starting school in a couple of weeks (the day after Labor Day!) And until then we are going to do a lot of snuggling, playing, bike riding, crafts, cookie making, and just plain 'ole having fun!